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Time Experiment

Believing that a message could be sent through time is hard to believe at the current time. Understandably so, most people won't believe such a thing until its confirmed by the government and on the news. I'll do my best to describe what actually happened until that is the case.

China has a history of intensely studying astronomy. In the 1960's they realized they could pinpoint where the Earth and solar system would be around 2011 by the galactic alignment that would occur during this time. This alignment happens once every 26,000 years and is the alignment the Mayan calendar is based upon. They then calculated how they would be able to transfer a message between Earth from 2011-2017 by using waves that travel faster than light. Once they approached the calculated point around 1984, the message began to be received and their theory of sending a message through time was confirmed.

They were presented with obvious issues with sending information through time.

  • Limit the time experiment's impact on actual events.
  • Limit public backlash of their time experiment.
  • Send the message in 2011 back in time with no problems.

They determined they would use electronic dissolution of memory to censor the public's knowledge of the time experiment to solve these problems. This would limit the effect on events they caused by the time experiment and stop anyone from resisting due to having no knowledge it was occurring. China claims EDOM is completely safe to use on people and I hope they're right.

The technological advancements achieved by the time experiment were also to be censored. If people discovered advancements in electromagnetic weapons (EWs) were discovered by a time experiment, they would know of the time experiment as well. Therefore the terrorists using this technology on targeted individuals continues without public knowledge. Here is a list of technologies the public is unaware of.

If you feel like you're a victim of voice to skull (aka microwave auditory effect or synthetic telepathy) I've found a way to hear the pulses that cause the noise in your inner ear. Place the side of your head on a pillow, try several kinds of pillows to find which gives the best result, and move your jaw around to apply pressure on your inner ear (toward the side that is pressed against the pillow). You should be able to hear the fast pulses interacting with your inner ear. You can also use your palm to apply the pressure and a stethoscope held at your jaw can allow someone else to hear the rapid pulses. This may help prove you're a victim of terrorists and not mentally ill.

This may seem too hard to believe and I understand that. You'll will see I'm right eventually. At least now you know it as a possibility.

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