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Problem with Islam

I did not have the motivation to investigate Islam until I began getting demonically attacked by one of its extremist groups. This group has claimed to be the Lebanese terrorists mentioned on the home page are funded by Iran and call themselves hezbollah. They get pleasure from doing evil to Westerners for religious reasons and they have unhealthy inbred minds which most of the world knows is unhealthy and causes a much larger chance of being perverted in the head. They have been tormenting and torturing innocent targeted individuals, including myself, for years using electromagnetic weapons. I believe Iran received these weapons from North Korea who initially received it from China. I have asked many Muslims from the around the world about hezbollah and surprisingly receive similar replies from them all. They are brainwashed, evil, a cancer, and nobody in the Muslim world likes them is what they claim. I have never had anything against Muslims or Islam as a whole. I am not a Muslim and therefore obviously do not share their beliefs or believe in their prophet. I am not out for revenge or to encourage world-wide Holy War upon Muslims. I do feel compelled to share what I've discovered about Islam since deciding to understand why these terrorists do what they do. Once people know what these terrorists have been doing they will want to know why as well. I want them to understand the truth about why they do these things and not only hear the politically correct answer the media and moderate Muslims will say "they are brainwashed and not following what the Quran says". This isn't the truth and is claimed out of ignorance or a deliberate lie to deceive.

As I mentioned, I was almost completely ignorant of the Muslim faith until I started to investigate why they are so evil to me. The same understanding of Buddhism, Hindus, Agnostics, and the many other world beliefs. What I learned about Islam was surprising, and I now understand why they are so evil and perverted. If you do not want to hear my Christian views on Islam or explanation to my people why these terrorists do these savage, evil, perverted things for pleasure, I suggest you not read this because I know 100% Islam is false and it is easy to prove. The evidence I discovered in my research will prove beyond any doubt Islam is blasphemy for any intelligent mind. If you have a problem with me explaining and speaking out against the beliefs of those who tickling my privates relentlessly every day for years for pleasure you must be crazy. You should consider why you are believe the same thing as demonic butt-hole ticklers and why many Muslims are driven to please satan with murder and rape when Islam is challenged. Any death threats and offensive messages I receive I will publish to further prove your disgustingness, hatred, and intolerance of other's non-Arab belief. Islam is reaching a fever pitch with it's struggle to exist in a more open and free world. In the age of information, ignorance will cease to exist. Over the coming decades Islam will become a dying belief due to it's need for ignorance and oppression.

Here is a list of facts, like them or not that overwhelmingly prove Islam is false. The violence, perversion, inbreeding, oppression, and rape seen by many Islamists is because of their total confidence in a false prophet's revelations. The best way to defend against radical Islam's goal to destroy the West and force Islam on every nation is to become educated and spread the truth about this impending threat to our society, lives, and unfortunately the safety of our privates. Luckily for you I've compiled a list of what you should know to keep Islam at bay and understand why they get joy from doing heinous things.

  • Islam has undeniable connections to pagan Arab religions, most Muslims have no idea or deny this fact. This is powerful evidence Islam is false. The Kaaba, daily prayers, Ramadan, Ihram (The annual Meccan pilgrimage), Allah, crescent moon symbol, black stone at the Kaaba, and first cousin marriages are all pagan practices from before Muhammad was born and none are revealed in the Quran. They are nothing like Jewish or Christian anything as Muslims believe. There are no connections to Jesus Christ and pagan beliefs. Although, people claim there are. After research into these claims, you will find they are false. Upon research and investigation of the pagan roots of Islam you will find they are true.
  • The Allah name was not revealed by Muhammad and can be proven quite obviously in his birth name Abdullah. Abdullah was the pagan family who served the Sabian Allah the pagan moon god of all gods and goddesses like Zeus or Jupiter but of Mecca. Abdullah means servant of Allah ("the god") and Muhammad was born and raised to serve Allah in this prestigious Meccan pagan family. Servants of one of Allah's daughter would have a name beginning with Abd Al-Uzza because Abd means slave in Arabic. His mother and father both died while Muhammad was young. When Muhammad first began preaching his prophethood in Mecca he was referred to as the Sabian because of his pagan Sabian rituals. Abdullah is the same family that rules Saudi Arabia today. All of their claim to vast wealth and total power is completely because of their relation to Muhammad.
  • The Islamic calendar is based solely on the Moon (Hijri) unlike anyone else's because of their connection to the moon god. The crescent moon symbol referred to Hubal the god of Mecca before Muhammad. Hubal was called Allah "the god" in evolution of the Arabic language. Hubal had daughters which are mentioned in the Quran as well. The satanic verses speak of Allah's daughters from Muhammad approving their worship. Following this surah, Muhammad and all the pagans prostrating toward the Kaaba as was the pagan thing to do. Muhammad later abrogated this surah by claiming satan whispered it into his ear and Allah forgave him. Muhammad claims it is okay to lie to protect yourself, but Muslims do not believe this is what Muhammad did on this visit to home to Mecca. Muslims are told the crescent moon symbol was not used until long after Muhammad died. This is false. This moon symbol is at the top of every mosque, on every Islamic flag, and on the Quran but Muslims believe they have no connection to a moon god. Christians claim the cross symbol was not used in connection to Jesus until long after Jesus's death and has no pagan connection. This is true and is used to remember the manner in which Jesus was crucified.
  • Muslims claim Muhammad was mentioned in the Bible on multiple accounts because the Quran states Muhammad was foretold in the Torah and the Gospel. In Isaiah 29:12, speaks of God's message to those who are unlearned and Muslims claim it must be referring to Muhammad but this is obviously false when you read the entire text instead of the one verse. These verses state the message of God was given to the unlearned and learned and yet they could not accept it. The next claim referred to romantic poetry between Solomon and a bride. Songs of Solomon 5:16 reference theory is quite ridiculous and desperate to use this Hebrew adjective this one time and no other time it is used in the Old Testament of the Bible and determine it is prophesizing Muhammad's name in symbolism which is a noun. The last claim I'll cover is what the Quran mentions when Jesus testifies he will send a comforter after his death in John 14 and 16 he describes this comforter. Muslims believe the word Jesus used was Ahmed (the shortened name of Muhammad) and was referring to Muhammad. This is proven to be false in many ways. First, 100% of the thousands of oldest manuscripts of the Gospel of John written hundreds of years before Muhammad was born show the word Jesus used was not perikletos (praised one) but is parakletos (comforter). Jesus goes on to describe the comforter as the Holy Spirit of truth which cannot be seen will be with and inside his followers. This doesn't sounds like Muhammad at all but yet Muslims still believe it. Toward the beginning of the Bible in Deuteronomy God describes what a prophet will be like so we are not easily deceived and it is not like Muhammad. More proof Muhammad is false prophet as well. The Bible ends in Revelations with whoever changes these stories would be a false prophet. Muhammad changed the story of the crucifixion of Jesus.
  • The Quran claims if the Quran were from Muhammad himself it would have many contradictions. The Quran contradicts itself many many times.
  • The Quran is proven to contain many plagiarized portions from the Bible, fables, and Greek writing. The Quran was first written with no vowels, when spoken correctly in Arabic reads as a poem, repeats itself many times, and tells only one complete story. This allows for much translated error and ease of rhyming.
  • Muhammad himself thought the revelations he received were from a demon at multiple times, did not allow them to be collected, and changed and altered them many times over 23 years so they are not arranged in chronological order (1st is 96th). The collection occurred years after his death by Muhammad's secretary Zayd by the order of the ruler after Muhammad Abu Bakr, who was not Muhammad's named successor Ali. Zayd claimed shifting a mountain would have been a heavier task because he knew it was against Muhammad's will. Zayd collected all the surahs from around the kingdom which were written on papyrus, stone, leaves, animal bones, leather, wood, and from people's memory. Some written portions were eaten by animals. There are over 200 documented changes and once burned into an approved version by the third caliph of Islam Uthman. There is much conflict and differing theories about how the collection occurred, but Muslim's believe it is perfect and the Bible is corrupt. Upon actual research the Bible can be proven authentic and the Quran is proven to be corrupt. The oldest manuscripts of the New Testament date around 100 years after Jesus long before Christianity became an official religion anywhere and perfectly match the thousands of other manuscripts. The Quran provided no manuscripts because Caliph Uthman burned them all, but one manuscript of the Quran was found in a hidden loft in Yemen the year 1972, and it is the oldest Quran known to man and is different than those used today and basic modern techniques show a previous version which was erased of a different version of the Quran before it. This and other found manuscript versions also proves the verse of the Quran which states Muhammad was foretold in the Torah and the Gospel was added long after Muhammad because it is not in the older versions which were ordered to be burned entirely by Caliph Uthman. Muslims still believe the Gospel of John is corrupt to remove Muhammad's name by Christians against Islam although the manuscripts are from centuries before Muhammad. Muslims still believe the Quran is perfect although the older known Quran versions shows Q. 61:6 doesn't refer to the Torah or the Gospel and proves this was added long after Muhammad died once Muslims incorrectly interpreted the Ahmed connection to Muhammad in the Gospel of John. Muhammad words from the original Quran seem to refer to Deuteronomy 18:15-18 which states God will call up a prophet from among the Israelite brethren. This does not fit a description of Muhammad, but does fit a description of Jesus.
  • It is storied Muhammad's mother claimed Muhammad would be a great prophet at his birth because she had seen the pagan signs of a prophet. This is why he was given the name Muhammad which means the praised one. His mother died when he was six. It seems Muhammad may have desired to be a great prophet to his pagan people from early in his life. This coincides with his attempt to ask his poet Uncle for a cousin bride in his young 20's to make his poet Uncle his father-in-law and learn to write poetry from him but his Uncle refused.
  • One of Muhammad's early scribes Abdullah Ibn Sad Ibn Abi Sarh testified he edited the Quran and Muhammad approved his changes. He soon told everyone Muhammad was a false prophet because his revelations could not be perfect from Allah if his scribe could add and improve to them.
  • When Muhammad began his revealing as a prophet in Mecca he had no power or vast wealth and was ran out of Mecca for being a false prophet. Muhammad moved to Medina North of Mecca where no one knew his past. Muhammad at 25 married a rich woman of 40 named Khadijah. Khadijah had been married twice and hired Muhammad to work for her because she had heard good things about him. So Muhammad became rich at 25 by marriage, and Khadijah gained a noble prophet as a husband. Muhammad began teaching his religion to many and gained followers. I'm sure being very rich helped. Muhammad preached to his followers to prostrate toward Israel because the Kaaba was pagan and Muhammad wanted Jews to accept his new religion. Muhammad began to send his men to raid caravans of Meccans. The first seven raids were unsuccessful and the Muhammadans started to doubt Muhammad's prophethood. Then one of his raiding parties disguised as pilgrims on their Hajj (pilgrimage) had their first successful raid. The caravan did not expect the raiders because of their disguise and it was custom by all tribes in the area no attacks would be made during the holy months. These holy months were the month before Ramadan the Sha'ban and Ramadan. Muhammad had an excuse for his men attacking during the holy months because the people of Allah were oppressed and this is the worst of all sins. Once Muhammad realized the local Jews would never accept him as a prophet he raided their village in a most gruesome manner and stole their wealth. Eventually Muhammad formed a large enough army of around 10,000 to conquer his home town of Mecca without a battle as was custom if the invading army was too large for the city to stand a chance. Muhammad had the hecklers and scribe Ibn Sarh killed immediately for speaking against his prophethood. The pagan leaders of Mecca had declared the Kaaba holy and condemned any and all combat near it making Mecca known as a peaceful trade city. A well known apostate of Islam Abn Al-Uzza ibn Akhtal who went to Medina with Muhammad but then returned to Mecca once he realized Muhammad was a false prophet. Once he received news Muhammad and his army were entering Mecca he rushed to the Kaaba for safety because it was to be free of combat, but Muhammad had an excuse to kill him at the Kaaba anyway.
  • Once Muhammad took control of Mecca, he received a convenient revelation about the Kaaba. He had all the pagan gods and goddess idols destroyed which circled the around the Kaaba but changed his teachings of prostrating to Israel back to the Kaaba because it was now revealed to be built by Abraham and Ishmael and was now free of pagan idols. This allowed Muhammad to be accepted by the Meccan much easier by allowing them to continue their pagan practices and still claim to be the seal of Jewish and Christian prophets. The moon god rock affixed to the Kaaba was revealed to be a gift from God to Adam the first man of the Torah (Old Testament) and therefore had strong Jewish connections as well. The rock is said to have been white, but turned black by absorbing the sings of man. The Abdullah family will not allow the rock to be analyzed because they fear it will be proven a meteorite which would have been black from its arrival on earth and thought of as moon rock by Arab pagans. Muhammad also claimed he was Jewish as well as a descendant of Abraham from the lesser known son Ishmael. Some Muslims claim this lineage Muhammad himself claimed any claim to know his lineage is a lie. Even still the Bible states the line of prophets would come from Isaac. All historical evidence shows the Kaaba to be built a few hundred years before Muhammad and built by pagans. Muhammad then changed his story once again to the Kaaba is a perfect replica of Abraham's mosque Muhammad had seen in paradise. One of Muhammad's wives Aisha later testified Muhammad told her he would have torn the Kaaba down if the pagan Meccans were not so attached to it. Muslims are taught the Bible teaches prostration, but every Jew and Christian ignore it. Praying toward the Kaaba with ritualistic prostration prayers is against multiple Biblical teachings. Muhammad did not know the Earth was rotating daily and orbiting around the Sun yearly while the entire solar system is moving through the universe. Muhammad claimed there is a perfect replica of the Kaaba directly above the Kaaba in Mecca in paradise where 70,000 new angels pray once every day and never return. That would certainly mean paradise moves in a crazy manner to keep this mosque perfectly above Mecca or it's an uneducated lie about a pagan temple. This is one of the most pathetic beliefs of Muslims they actually belief this story of the Kaaba. The Kaaba still has pagan inscriptions inside and surrounding the doorway of the pagan Sun, Moon, and Great Star (actually Venus) gods and pagan symbolism in design. There are multiple other Kaaba like structures around pagan Arabia that were built before the Meccan Kaaba and looks nothing like any Christian or Jewish anything. Islamist are still incredibly attached to the Kaaba and pray to it five times a day based on the Sun's position as pagan Arabs did before Muhammad.
  • Aisha (Often referred to as mother of the believers) testified women in Islam are treated worse than any other women. Islam does not permit women equal rights of men.
  • Islamists are not allowed to question Islam, not allowed to be preached to, and not allowed to leave Islam (apostate). This is obviously convenient rules for a false belief. Muslims are not allowed to make friends with non-Muslims and we who disbelieve are the worst of creatures according to Muhammad.
  • Many Muhammadans claim Christians are polytheists or idolaters because of the belief in Jesus as the Son of God although Christians have believed in one God long before any Arabs. The Bible prophesied the Son of God long before Jesus lived and from Bethlehem. Muslims actually idolize Muhammad much more than Christians do Jesus by requiring chanting after Muhammad's name, rioting if Muhammad is challenged, not allowing illustrations of Muhammad, and bowing down daily in prayer towards Muhammad's birthplace, and believing Muhammad's words are above all others.
  • Muhammad's revelations claim a man may have up to four wives if he can treat them justly. Muhammad had more than triple that amount of wives, had sex with a slave in one of his wife's bed, and unjustly favored Aisha. Muhammad received revelations he was permitted to marry more than four wives, no one may meet with his wives anymore after gossip of drama leaked to the public, and had an excuse to favor Aisha because he only received revelations while in her garments. Aisha testified Allah was always quick to satisfy Muhammad's desires.
  • Muhammad had sex with Aisha when she was nine and married her when she was six. The reason Muslims believe this practice is okay to this day and the practice of thighing before the girl is nine. Muhammad also fondled Aisha while she was on her period.
  • Muhammad was known to open mouth kiss men and boys. Muhammad was known to have Ali sleep in bed with him. This was for his protection throughout the night of course.
  • Many Muslims believe Muhammad was the perfect man or at least an excellent role model. This is obviously not true, but also Muhammad himself testified he asks for forgiveness 100 times every day. How many times would a false prophet who took it upon himself to create a monotheistic belief for Arab pagans and become dictator ask for repentance every day? More than 70 maybe?
  • Muhammad revealed many bizarre rules, rituals, and beliefs. You must clean your butt with an odd number of stones after defecating. When a fly lands on your food shove the entire fly into the food because one wing hold disease and the other wing holds the cure. I doubt any Muslims actually catch flies and practice this, but they still defend it. You can influence the gender of your child with pre-sex chants, satan sleeps in your nose at night, and ear infections are from satan peeing in your ear. Muhammad claimed a foreleg of a lamb spoke to him to tell him it was poisoned after he had been eating it. Muhammad claimed water is pure and cannot be dirty by menstrual cloths, dead animals, and human poop. Muhammad ordered the killing of all black dogs. Muhammad claimed Adam was a giant and humans are slowly shrinking and will continue to. No true evidence supports this, but Muslims still defend this as well. It would provide an interesting theory as to what happend to the dinosours (giants ate them all). Muhammad told his farmers maybe it's best if you do not pollinate the crops and then admitted I'm only human when the crops turned out terrible.
  • Muhammad revealed only he could have sex with any woman so they may gain favor with Allah and because Allah wanted Muhammad to never be in discomfort.
  • Muhammad claimed men in heaven would receive big breasted virgin sex slaves. For what? The pleasure of freeing a bunch of sex slaves? No, so that you may have your way with them and they will have no choice. A Hadith claims the smallest reward for a Muslim man is 72 virgins and thousands of servants. Jesus's teachings state do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So therefore, do not desire sex slavery for others unless you desire sex slavery for yourself or you are selfish and perverted. If this false promise of sex slaves is not perverted enough, there were many gays in Islam when it first began and it was not punished by death. You would think all the gay men in Muhammad's army would have a problem fighting for Muhammad's word which was supposed to get him into heaven if all they would receive was virgin women. "Luckily" for them Muhammad also promised 20 little boys, each one as beautiful as a pearl as well. Pretty gross.
  • Muhammad allowed his invading armies to rape their captors and they owed Muhammad 20% of what the stolen goods during the raid. This is why Muslims find it okay to rape Western women at alarming rates still to this day.
  • Muhammad had an excuse for not being able to perform miracles because he was only a warner. God had tried miracles with Jesus and other prophets and they weren't convincing so God would not do them anymore.
  • According to multiple Hadiths, Muhammad had white skin. It seems many Arabs find white skin a blessing and more attractive. Giving them strange mental issues toward white people because of this. Not all Arabs share this mentality of course. The demonic extremist Islamist which attack me all day often whisper "all white people are evil".
  • Muhammad claimed Jesus could speak as an infant, turn toys into living animals as a child, and provided for Mary during his birth. These are all stories circulating 600 years after Jesus around Muhammad's time from fake gospels. Knowledgeable Muslims are familiar with fake stories. Their most trusted Hadith of Al-Bukhari claims he determined thousands upon thousands of stories about Muhammad 200 years after Muhammad were not true.
  • Muhammad claimed to embark on a night ride on a flying steed to Israel where he ascended to heaven. He approached Allah and Allah commanded Muslims must pray (prostrate toward the Kaaba) 50 times per day, but Muhammad and Abraham were able to convince Allah to bring it down to five. That's pretty silly to think God would ask to take over eight hours of prayer every day in pagan ritualistic type fashion. Then Muhammad claimed to descend into hell and observed it was full of mostly women. This too is silly since Muhammad claims they are the inferior gender. Why would God damn women more than men if that is the case and why satisfy the wicked who cannot be a part of paradise with the company of many women? This night ride sounds fictional on the back of a flying steed, has not one single witness, claims Muhammad prayed in a mosque which was not there because the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed by Romans as Jesus prophesied, and his storied encounters don't make logical sense. Many Muslims left Islam once Muhammad revealed his story of the night ride it was so unbelievable. Aisha testified Muhammad's companion (Ali) did not leave the bed of Muhammad the night of his supposed night ride.
  • As dictator, Muhammad needed his people to love and obey him. It makes sense he would tell them all their pagan practices were holy and changed Jesus's story so he would be obeyed over Jesus's word. If you would believe anyone's teachings above the dictators, that would create significant problems for the leader.
  • Muhammad claimed if he were a false prophet God would cut his life vein and as Muhammad was dying from being poisoned by a Jewish woman who told Muhammad it was to test if he were a true prophet Muhammad claimed it felt like his life vein had been cut.
  • Muslims believe Muhammad could not read or write (unlettered) so it was a miracle he could reveal a book even though he claimed he would not perform any miracles. This also supported Muhammad did not learn what he is saying from reading. There are however Hadiths which speak about Muhammad writing. Muslims believe the words coming out of Muhammad's mouth were not from Muhammad, but he was a puppet dictator who spoke the perfect word of Allah. He spoke Muhammad is too shy to tell you he does not like you arriving early for dinner parties or staying in his house after but Allah is not shy and tells you. This is bizarre because this was spoke out of Muhammad's mouth. Allah constantly compliments itself throughout the Quran, asks itself to curse those who lie (meaning the Christians Muhammad was confronting), and then he was seemingly cursed. Soon after his plea for a curse upon the lying party (Mubahala) where Muhammad offered his family as a wager, Muhammad's only son Ibrahim died, Muhammad died, and Muhammad's pregnant daughter Fatima died all in the year 632. Then the ruler who Muhammad chose to succeed him and groomed for years to do so who was also a part of the Mubahala (his cousin and son-in-law) to take over Ali ibn Abi Talib did not become ruler as was "divinely" foretold by Muhammad. The Quran was collected as Muhammad ensured Ali would not do and the bloody feud between Sunni and Shiite sects which is still ongoing to this day began. Muslims still considered this Mubahala to be a victory for Islam because the Christians did not want to be a part of this curse prayer. What a win.
  • Muhammad revealed it is okay for Muslims to lie under certain circumstances. They may lie to protect themselves, advance Islam, and to women to stop a fight. When Muhammad made his pagan moon god "satanic verses" surah when surrounded by pagans in Mecca, it is not believed Muhammad lied to protect himself. It was a well timed whisper by satan in his ear according to Muhammad. Also why we cannot really trust Muslims who say they are peaceful or Islam is peaceful. They might be but might also be lying to advance Islam.
  • Muhammad made it clear to fight and die for his words was the best death possible. This is the only way to avoid going to hell. All people, even Muslims, go to hell according to Muhammad except those who died a martyr's death. The culture formed by Muhammad fostered a conquering people which soon after Muhammad's death the Arabians conquered half of Europe, half of Asia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. The Muhammadan conquering occurred before the crusades and was quite barbaric.
  • The peaceful verses of the Quran come from the beginning of his revelations when Muhammad did not have an army or authority such as live and let live. By Muhammad's revelation any surah that contradicts another, the most recent surah takes precedence. Unfortunately all his later surahs became violent and gave special rights to Muslims. This is known by Islamist as a form of abrogation. This is common sense because a dictator would not want people ignoring his commands because they conflict with a previous revelation. So radical Islamist believe Allah was only peaceful when Muhammad was powerless and after he became dictator Islamist should be violent until Islam is forced on all nations and then there will be long lasting peace. Extremist Muslims believe this for good reason, because this is what the Quran tells them. There will be peace on Earth only after Islam is forced on every nation and they call the West Zionists. Seems too dumb that anyone could believe this wisdom comes from God, but you can see in this video it really is the case. Such an unbelievable Arab based belief will never be accepted by every nation so they appear to have an excuse to be violent forever in the name of peace. It's equally unbelievable once Islam is forced upon every nation there will be peace when Islamic countries have proven to be anything but peaceful.

This extensive list gives quite a bit of proof Islam is false. Muhammad legitimately tried to be a prophet to the moon god pagans and not everything in the Quran is bad. The pagan Arabs believing the Sun and Moon had sex and produced star children were vulnerable to a false prophet to take advantage of the ancient beliefs. Much of the Quran borrows from the Bible, Jewish fables, and other quotes of wisdom. Believing in a false prophet who said some true things is still going to have its consequences on the people who believe it is 100% perfect. Many of these individuals are so far brainwashed to the Arab belief they would never change their minds despite any amount of proof. The demonic private part tickling perverts of hezbollah do not surprise me with their actions based on Muhammad's teachings because he was an obvious false prophet. A false prophet who threatened hell to those who did not submit to his words to maintain his authority. Some Muslims will change their mind once they submit to the truth, but Islam is so ingrained into them it takes incredible strength. Muslim scripture is all first-hand accounts of the events which formed Islam. Obviously, it is expected to sound great and wonderful. Imagine Kim Jung Un writing a book about his father, a whole decade after because he needed it to solidify his rule. Not the best literature to get a true sense of Kim Jung Il's regime.

Many Muslims have never received information of a critical view of their beliefs. We need to understand, when Muslims realize Islam is false they feel physically ill and trapped so be understanding to those who come to this realization. Their friends and family will not understand, their lives are at risk, and they've been lied to their entire lives. After dealing with these issues they will begin to see the beauty of the truth of believing a loving, Jewish, miracle worker over a pagan, no miracles, child molester. Many young Muslims are being brainwashed they are the best of humans and must dominate the world as religious duty. Many people claim there are many similarities between Islamic extremism and the Nazi movement. Jihad means personal struggle and Hitler's book Mein Kampf means my struggle.

Many Muhammadans will react to the challenging of Islam in vile, hateful, and disgusting ways as you would expect false prophet believers to do. A rule to provide the most sensitivity to the most violent is illogical. I will post any and all hate filled messages and death threats I receive for me speaking out against the beliefs of my demonic butt-hole ticklers to further prove the unholy and disgraceful existence of vile Muhammadons. It's easy to see why Islamist countries must control their people's information and speech to hide the obvious truth that Islam is false. Not only would their only Arab religion fall apart, but the Islamic political and religious leaders would lose their power and riches. I've provided many links and citations to prove these facts are not made up or long stretches from the truth. You will see Islamist make many claims to defend their religion, but they will lack legitimate references. I will continue to edit and add to this list to make it as truthful and useful as possible.

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