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There are major events going on in the world and in this country that you are completely oblivious to. The following is a list of true statements you should know are fact or at least know as possibilities after this brief introduction.

  • Electromagnetic weaponry (EW) is more highly advanced than is disclosed to the public.
  • China was able to successfully send a message through time (from 2011-2017 to around 1970-1990).
  • In order to censor this information EW's control the public's memory.
  • North Korea attained EW advancements from China. "Outsourced" the experiment to an isolationist country
  • North Korea has formed ties with Iran. (Basis: they both hate the U.S. and ruled by a Supreme Leader)
  • Terrorist organizations in Lebanon have attained EW from Iran. (Force Islam on West).
  • Our leaders cannot speak of these facts until the time experiment message is completed.

The time experiment has been successful for our enemies for multiple reasons...

  • Our leaders cannot do anything that our enemies aren't already aware of.
  • Advancements in electromagnetic weaponry faster than would be reasonably anticipated.
  • Limiting the time experiments affect on actual events gave them reason for the censorship.
  • The advances in electromagnetic weaponry via the time experiment were included in the censorship.
  • Current knowledge of time of transmitting messages deems this impossible.

Once the time experiment is finished and no longer a message being sent back in time there is no guarantee our leaders will release this information after it is completed. Admitting their blunder to the public that horrible atrocities have occurred during this time experiment and challenging the attackers may tempt them to keep quiet as long as possible. Hopefully they have the courage and will to do what's right we hope to see from our leaders and we bring an end to the "dark ages" of electromagnetic weapons.

The worst victims of this technology getting into the hands of Islamic terrorists are known as targeted individuals. The Washington DC naval yard shooter Aaron Alexis ended his torment in an act of violence after complaining of the attacks for months. There are countless youtube videos and web sites by targeted individuals explaining they're being attacked and how. Jesse Ventura's show Conspiracy Theory covered targeted individuals in an episode called "Brain Invaders". Targeted Individuals don't know it is Islamic terrorists behind these attacks and aren't aware of the memory control censoring the public's ability to become aware of this technology's existence. suspect the US government for being the culprits. I am suspect of any lone shooters claiming to hear voices and have history of psychological issues. The US has always been a leader in developing weapons and guilty of programs such as MKULTRA in the passed. The MKUtra program was actually inspired by American POW's returning from North Korea with their memory being controlled.

"Headed by Sidney Gottlieb, the MKUltra project was started on the order of CIA director Allen Welsh Dulles on April 13, 1953.[17] Its remit was to develop mind-controlling drugs for use against the Soviet bloc, largely in response to alleged Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean use of mind control techniques on U.S. prisoners of war in Korea." (Wikipedia)

The POW's returned with little or no memory of their torture and captivity in North Korea. The US didn't know how this was possible and realized they were behind the communists brain washing abilities. The ability to control people's memory using electromagnetic waves is known as electronic dissolution of memory. This is being used on the public today to control the entire population's knowledge. Censorship of the media in communism is known and secretly they have found a way to censor everyone's knowledge using satellites armed with EWs.

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